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Our Company was born out of necessity, to service increasing number of requests for the quality of service we promise and deliver.

We are a licensed security firm, licence number 661 659 20S, we are fully insured, signatory to the security code of conduct and a Corporate member of ASIAL.

Although being young registered in September 2000, the principal has been in the industry since 1978 and in these years has had vast experience in all aspects of security, therefore we know the importance of quality, loyalty, honesty and customer service while being committed to continuous improvement.

While the principal Michael Krivosija worked directly and as subcontractor for many companies and while at times others were getting recognition on service being done by us, we were quietly getting on with the job.

Michael Krivosija has a broad range of experience within the security industry in particular the personal protection sector, most noticeably family Law Courts of Australia directly providing protection for judges and also in the hospitality sector, such as crowd control and corporate functions: in the retail sector, such as surveillance and theft detection.

With our experience we are able to adapt to your requirements by suppling professional plain clothes or uniformed guards. Having contacts in the industry we can also cater to a number of varied and large tasks.


" We Protect Your Privacy"

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